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Posted on 2006.03.09 at 16:50
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Ruby Resilience. Part 1

"Benedict a tu."The congregation stops singing, and there goes the pipe organs playing as they leave the church. There was the end of the Sunday morning sermon of Pastor Silas. Sitting in the third row were his family; his wife Evey, sons Varian and Aratus, and daughter Tamara and Candice.

In a sudden a roar of noise is made as the church doors slams open and out comes Alfonse in a state of anger.

"But Alfonse, what is the meaning of this?" Pastor Silas ponders. The congregation hones on the news from inside. "They've gone back and legalized abortion again,” Alfonse cries as he drops to floor on his knees.

“The State of Washington?” Tamara asks. “Yes” Alfonse replies. The members of the church begin in an uproar.

“God danged atheists, I betcha it wuz dem fools too.” A member shouts.

“Calm down now, this not the first time this has happened. Let us not resort to using our creator’s name in vain brother ” The reverend responds as he tries to calm them down. “This battle has been going on since Roe versus Wade, between the followers of God and the nonbelievers who call themselves atheist, atheists are the followers of the devil. From here on we will start rallies and meetings and hopefully get the state of Washington to go back to illegalizing it, and with the Lord’s help, spread it throughout the country”

“But Father, why must they always torment us? They got school vouchers canceled, State and church separated, prayers of out school. When will they stop?” Alfonse cries. Evey rises out of the bench to hug Alfonse. “Don’t worry brother Spinet, the Lord always comes through for us.”

Tamara was not surprised to hear the news, but then again, she was quite pleased, she took a walk outside around the church to think. It was a thought that stayed in her head for a while, as much as she had much respect for the Lord she despised the fact that women did not have the choice as to whether the baby should be killed before growth in the body, in which the decision was mainly made by men not to do so. She got up and went outside to catch a quick breath. She hears footsteps behind her, she turns and looks, it’s a friend from school named Harold.

“Tamara, are you okay” he asks. “You need not to worry about me Harry, I’m a strong girl, I’m okay, I just need a little time to think” She replies. “Well, okay. If you need anything I’m here for you.

Harold has been a friend of Tamara’s for a long time, almost since preschool, infact, he believed that fate willed him and Tamara to meet and to be together. Unfortunately, Tamara had no feelings for him, and did not have the heart to give him the truth, she figured that it was a simple crush which would eventually go away.

Tamara stands outside strolling around the parking lot filled of cars with joy “Yes! Finally the women of Washington are now free to choose whether or not they would like to have and abortion.”

But then in upon a frown she kneels on a pavement. “My Lord, I love you with all my heart, I respect you and all the wonderful things you have done for me, such as creating my family and friends, and the future ones which will be soon to come. But what I don’t understand is: Why should we be not allowed the decision to keep a child. Yes we know that you are creating their soul, but couldn’t we just put it off until another time?”
She gets up and recites and she points her index finger up, down, and across her body. “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

To Be Continued……

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